The Stephen Pelton Dance Theater tells inspiring, human stories through emotionally-driven dance and theater to illuminate the art in every day life. Our commitment to using dynamic movement to depict charged human situations gives the work its depth and character. SPDT's dances are haunting and evocative, and though they often have a strong narrative line, they never simply tell the story.  Rather, they explore the physical and psychological circumstances of their inhabitants. The company uses their own personal experiences to ground the work in a visceral reality that creates a common bond between performer and audience. It is the creation of this bond and this vision of dance as a medium through which to illuminate visceral, human truths that drives the company’s work, in both the theater and the studio classroom. The Stephen Pelton Dance Theater (SPDT) was established in San Francisco in 1993 where the company continues to perform regularly while offering technique classes and choreography workshops in Bay Area dance studios. SPDT's work has also been seen on tour in North Carolina, New Hampshire, Connecticut, Boston, New York, the UK and Paris.
Stephen Pelton is the genuine article: a natural choreographer who combines rigor and lyricism. His work reeks of the things he knows and feels; it has weight and temperature.
—The Village Voice

Artistic director, Stephen Pelton currently spends half of each year working in Europe. Based in London, he teaches contemporary dance technique and choreography at schools and studios including The Place, London Studio Centre and Central School of Ballet as well as master classes and technique and choreography workshops in Berlin, Rotterdam, Amsterdam, Dublin, Edinburgh, Liverpool and Lucca, Italy. SPDT has participated in several artist-in-residency programs including the Djerassi Resident Artists' Program, The Jon Sims Centre Air Space Residency and the American Dance Festival's Young Choreographers and Composers in Residence Program.

Pelton is a dance maker who forges movement out of instinct. His rise in Bay Area dance circles during the past few years is easy to understand. His work trades in genuinely sophisticated dance values spiced with considerable tonal nuance and theatrical pizzazz. He cares passionately about production elements, but the movement is what you take away with you. Pelton is a choreographer to watch...
—San Francisco Examiner


Scenes from our full-length work
September for Sale

(photos by Andy Mogg)

"Stephen Pelton is a dancers' choreographer. His dances are full of delicious movement at once lyrical and spasmodic and rife with phrasing experimentation. The dancing was so exciting, strong, and meticulous that I just sat back and grinned at the superheroes onstage, thrashing, bounding, commanding, and riding the wave of movement, movement, movement."
San Francisco Bay Guardian